scams mql developers.

My experience: As being programmer i was presented with some project by this website management which i accepted and started working

I worked few days and developed some testing stuff and sent to them , after doing that i have to market and do some work, so i went there, as i came back project cancel request (within just 30 min) was sent and person was asking for return of some upfront. When i asked what was the matter he refused to give any reasonable excuse just demand to cancel work and return upfront which i did , what a waste of time and resource.

I would urge developers to never work with on following basis.

    • Non serious time wasters.
    • Might scam your work and don’t pay any thing.
    • Unreliable not trust worthy.
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Outlook becoming clouded once more as trade talks loom

Market Overview

For two countries about to engage in top level trade negotiations, the atmosphere between the US and China seems to be increasingly toxic. A series of antagonistic moves are being made which surely leaves a significant cloud over the talks, even before they have begun. The US has placed 28 Chinese companies and organisations on its banned “Entity List”, whilst also placing visa bans on several Chinese officials. Continue reading Outlook becoming clouded once more as trade talks loom